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Dual Membership Press Release


    With a go-live date of August 19th, 2024, CS SHRM is thrilled to announce that we are joining in alliance with National SHRM in a strategic initiative known as Dual Membership Release (DMR). As an award-winning local chapter of SHRM and with a modern take on being "the Springs" go-to community resource for all things HR, the Dual Membership will offer even more opportunities to connect, collaborate, learn, and grow. 

    CS SHRM is growing and we need your help in ensuring that we can continue growing, and the best way that can happen is through this program being offered by SHRM. Currently, we offer career insight assistance, professional development opportunities, volunteer opportunities, networking with local HR professionals, legal advice on the state and local levels, and much more! SHRM membership will only enhance this through professional assistance in publications and knowledge-based sources, global networking, federal and national legal advice, and so much more!

    After August 19th, 2024, membership for CS SHRM will require membership in the National SHRM, i.e. Dual Membership. This will have no impact on current Dual Members of SHRM and CS SHRM other than an increase in the overall value of chapter membership. Members who are ONLY CS SHRM Members and are not already "Dual Members" of SHRM and CS SHRM, when their local level-only membership expires will receive a unique code from CS SHRM to assist you in joining National SHRM and CS SHRM as a Dual Member.

    Beginning August 19th, 2024, anyone who is not taking the opportunity for Dual Membership may still participate as CS SHRM guests by pre-registering and paying a non-member fee for each Chapter event they wish to attend.

    If you are going to be a new SHRM member or renewing soon: Join/Renew SHRM --> look for chapter affiliation and choose Colorado Springs SHRM
    If you are already an existing SHRM member: Go to your profile and add an affiliation of Colorado Springs SHRM

    How does the DMR Program Assist the Chapter and its Members?
    The SHRM Dual Membership program greatly reduces the administrative burdens of Chapter membership operation and allows Chapter Volunteer Leaders more time to focus on "Mission over minutia" 

    • SHRM maintains Chapter membership records, updated in real-time.
    • SHRM markets membership on behalf of the Chapter and conducts membership renewal campaigns for the Chapter.
    • SHRM processes membership transactions for the Chapter, absorbing Credit Card Transaction fees, and then sends portions of the dues to the Chapter.
    • SHRM provides a "one and done transaction" that makes it easier and more convenient for new members to join the Chapter and more convenient for existing members to renew.
    • Only ONE annual renewal date for both memberships and only one expense for members to submit for approval if their company pays for their membership. 

    Dual Membership FAQs