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Dual Membership FAQ

    The Colorado Springs Society for Human Resource Management Chapter has decided to undergo a Dual Membership Program with SHRM and join the already 163 other local SHRM chapters in this joint effort to enhance HR Professional knowledge. In this post, we hope to clarify some questions you may have and provide insight into what this might look like.

    What is Dual Membership?

    • Dual Membership is a strategic partnership between SHRM and its affiliate chapters, and by offers a streamlined process for new and renewing members to maximize the SHRM member value proposition and access to resources at both the national and local levels

    Why did the CS SHRM Chapter decide to undergo this change?

    • We are GROWING at the local chapter and we want to be able to provide more resources for our community. We are a volunteer-based chapter for leadership, meaning that most of the work we do is on our own time, and we want to provide more resources but we cannot if we continue to grow at our rate with more backend processes that take up our time.

    What benefits will CS SHRM members receive?

    • Access to SHRM membership benefits and perks totaling upwards of $13,000 of HR tools, research, and expert guidance at the cost of one membership payment.
    • One invoice to submit, instead of two within a calendar year, if a company account pays a membership.
    • Access to cutting-edge, and exclusive HR resources such as news and publications
    • Access to HR tools and templates
    • Wide range of access to submit inquiries to knowledgeable HR professionals
    • Access to job boards, and career resources.
    • Expanding your network on a local/national/global scale.
    • Access to more educational events, such as webinars and certification help.
    • Access to legal and compliance guidance
    • More discounts and savings at the SHRM store

    When will this go into effect?

    • The CS SHRM Chapter will officially be switching over on August 19th, 2024.

    When will this affect the CS SHRM Members?

    • This will vary as each member will be different depending on when they joined our local chapter and paid for dues or when the local chapter due renewal happens for our individual members.
      • For example: On your next renewal date if you are already a SHRM member, if you renewed your local dues already we will reach out to you on possible solutions as well. We promise we are here for our members, and we do not want to cause any undue stress.

    How will CS SHRM members join the local chapter with this change?

    • Log into and go to your account à go to your profile à check to see if you are already added to the Chapter Affiliation if not à edit and add Colorado Springs SHRM to your profile affiliation.
    •  If you need to create a SHRM account or renew you can choose Colorado Springs SHRM as your affiliated chapter and you will be auto-pulled into our chapter.

    What about members who are reluctant to join this Dual Membership?

    • We do have strict guidelines on how long we can have someone in the chapter who is a local-only member, but eventually, we will end local membership assistance. If this is something that you wish to discuss please email us at

    How much will it cost?

    • The SHRM membership will remain the same, but the CS SHRM board of directors is in talks about what dues we will require be sure that these dues will go into providing more resources for you at the local level including events and seminars to ideas that we are in the planning phase of right now.

    We promise to provide information constantly during this time and that you see the value in this as much as we do after we want to ensure our HR community is well-equipped to take on their careers and workplaces.

    If you have any questions please reach out to;;;