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Google Calendar

    May 23, 2024

    Sometimes an event is missed because it was forgotten or not added to a calendar, it's happened to us as well. 

    That's why our PR Team created a new Google Calendar so that anyone who is interested in SHRM and our local chapter can see what events are coming up, with each event relating to all the information we have available to us. If you are interested in following it you can click on this embedded link to our Google Calendar


    1. What kind of events are on the calendar?
      • Our local Colorado Springs SHRM will have events for our Meet & Greets with locations and correct times linking to a map link. Virtual or In-person speakers with prices to join, and links to either a location or virtual app to sit in and partake.  
      • The National SHRM events, with appropriate links.

    If you have any more FAQs on this please reach out to our PR Team